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WQ Submersible Sewage Pump

Flow: 10-7000m3/h
Head scope: 5-60m
Power: 1.5-315kw
Pump outlet diameter: 50mm-600mm
Distributed particle size: 20-145mm

Product applications
WQ submersible sewage pumps feature a vertical structural design, which makes it applicable for use in the following:
1. Factory and industrial wastewater discharge
2. Drainage system of municipal wastewater treatment plants
3. Residential drainage
4. Drainage of flood system
5. Hospital and hotel sewage discharge
6. Municipal facilities and building areas
7. Exploration and mining equipment
8. Biomass pool pump and agricultural irrigation

Use conditions
1. Motor rated voltage is 380V (660V), frequency is 50HZ three-phase alternating current
2. The temperature of transported medium is not more than 40 degree Celsius
3. The pH value of liquid medium is 4-10
4. The solid phase volume ratio is less than 2% in the conveyed medium
5. The density of conveyed medium is less than 1.2x103KG/M3

Model Outlet (mm) Flow (m3/h) Head (m) Power (kw) Speed (rpm)
50WQ15-8-0.75 50 15 8 0.75 2860
65WQ30-10-2.2 65 30 10 2.2 2860
80WQ50-10-3 80 50 1 3 2860
100WQ80-10-4 100 80 10 4 2860
150WQ140-10-7.5 150 140 10 7.5 1450
200WQ300-7-11 200 300 7 11 1450
250WQ400-6-18.5 250 400 6 18.5 1450
300WQ800-35-132 300 800 35 132 980
350WQ1100-10-55 350 1100 10 55 980
400WQ1300-10-75 400 1300 10 75 980
500WQ2600-15-160 500 2600 15 160 980
600WQ3000-16-200 600 3000 16 200 980
Spectrum diagram
Structure diagram

Pump compositions
The pump head consists of the bearing, cooling chamber, motor, mechanical seal, oil chamber, impeller, pump body, shaft, monitoring system and float switch.

1. Bearings: We use imported SKF bearings or NTN bearings.
2. Cooling: the built-in cooling system ensures proper operation of the pump, while the motor remains either on the surface or under the liquid level. When the pump body circulates the liquid to the cooling cylinder and the casing, it utilizes heat generated by the motor. When an external cooling is needed, the cooling sleeve can be separated from the pump body and connected using a separate cooling system.
3. Motor: The motor is F insulation, and with the highest working temperature of 155 degrees Celsius, the effective seal ensures a motor protection level of IPX8.
4. Mechanical seal: We use German standard mechanical seals, and the two mechanical seals series work independently of each other. The pump side material is tungsten carbide, while the motor side is graphite or carborundum.
5. Oil chamber: oil can lubricate and cool the mechanical seal, as well as prevent liquid from penetrating into the motor in order to prevent safety failures.
6. Impeller: according to the conveyed medium, there are single channel, double channel, and three blade impellers to choose from.
7. Pump body: The pump body uses CAD or CAM technology, ensuring the highest efficiency and minimal wear.
8. Shaft: The pump and motor are coaxial. The shaft end sealing device ensures the shaft will not come into contact with the pumping medium, and thus protect the shaft from corrosion.
9. Monitoring system: the stator is embedded with three series of monitoring switches. When the stator temperature reaches 125 degree Celsius, the switch opens. A leakage detector is used in the oil chamber to detect the leakage.
10. Float switch: when the mechanical seal of the motor side leaks, the liquid enters the float switch chamber, and when the liquid reaches a certain height, the float switch will send out the alarm signal and stop the pump.

Part Description Material Specification
Wiring Rod Cast Iron
Bearing Cast Iron
Motor Cast Iron
Bearing Cast Iron
Oil House Cast Iron
Mechanical Seal 304Stainless Steel
Sealing Ring Cast Iron
Up Wet Sensor Cast Iron
Cooling Gasket Cast Iron
Shaft 40Cr*
Mechanical Seal Cast Iron
Down Wet Sensor Cast Iron
Impeller Cast Iron
Pump Casing Cast Iron
Bolts Zinc Plated Steel

Product features
1. Wear-resistant parts are manufactured using a high chromium wear resistant alloy and are known for their outstanding performance.
2. High efficiency and energy saving.
3. Light weight and convenient for construction.
4. The work noise and vibration is small, hydraulic efficiency is high.

Installation method
1. Automatic coupling installation
2. Mobile hard tube installation
3. Mobile hose installation
4. Fixed dry installation
5. Fixed wet installation

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