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ZD Centrifugal Water Pump

Flow: 7.5-864m³/h
Head scope: 46-2070m

Product applications
The ZD centrifugal water pump is an upgraded version of the D horizontal centrifugal multistage pump. It is mainly used to transport hot water or media with physical and chemical properties similar to liquid. Applicable temperature range from -60 degree Celsius to 400 degree Celsius.

Recommended applications
Municipal water supply
Pressurized water supply
Pressurization system
Boiler feed water and condensate water
Heating air conditioning
Irrigation, sprinkler irrigation
Industrial circulating water
Firefighting system
Power plant.

Model Motor (kw) Inlet (mm) Outlet (mm) Weight (kg) Speed (rpm)
ZD 6-25*2 3 40 40 80 2950
ZD 6-25*3 5.5 - 18.5 90 - 180
ZD 12-25*2 5.5 50 40 100 2950
ZD 12-25*3 7.5 - 30 110 - 234
ZD 25-30*2 11 65 65 110 2950
ZD 25-30*3 15 - 45 130 - 270
ZD 46-30*2 15 80 65 165 2950
ZD 46-30*3 22 - 75 180 - 299
ZD 85-45*2 37 100 100 225 2950
ZD 85-45*3 55 - 185 250 - 425
ZD120-50*2 55 125 125
ZD120-50*3 90 - 250
ZD 200-50*4 185

ZD 200-50*5 250 - 450
ZD 280-43*2 110 200 200 667 1450
ZD 280-43*3 160 - 450 787
ZD 360-40*2 132 200 200 950 1480
ZD 360-40*3 185 - 630 1150 - 2550
ZD 500-57*2 250 250 250 1920 1480
ZD 500-57*3 355 - 1250 2170 - 4170
ZD 600-60*2 280 300 250
ZD 600-60*3 450 1250
ZD 720-60*2 355 300 300 1640 1480
ZD 720-60*3 560 - 1800 1950 - 4120
Spectrum diagram

Pump compositions
The impeller of the ZD horizontal self-balance centrifugal pump is symmetrically arranged, which can basically eliminate axial force. High-end machine sealing is used for long time usewithout leakage in medium with particle impurities. The bearing seat never enters the water, prolongs the service life of the bearing, and reduces the maintenance cost of the user.

Part Description Material Specification
Suction Casing Cast Iron
Diffuser Cast Iron
Stage Casing Cast Iron
Delivery Casing Cast Iron
First Stage Impeller Cast Iron
Impeller Cast Iron
Balance Disc Cast Iron
Balance Ring Cast Iron
Stuffing Box Graphite
Packing Cast Iron
Balance Sleeve Cast Iron
Gland Packing Graphite
O Ring Cast Iron
Bearing Cast Iron
First Stage Wearing Ring Cast Iron
Wearing Ring 45# Steel*
Diffuser Bush Cast Iron
Shaft 45# Steel*
Shaft Sleeve Cast Iron
Balance Water Piping Cast Iron
Water Seal Piping Cast Iron
Choma Cast Steel
Bolts Zinc Plated Steel

Material selection
We provide a wide range of materials to choose, such as stainless steel, cast steel, chrome steel. HT200, QT600, JM3,28# alloy, 304304L, 316L, 317L, 904IL, CD4, Hastelloy C, HastelloyB and other materials.

Product features: there are more advantages than D type pump
1. New structure

The rotor part adopts a symmetrical impeller arrangement. The axial thrusts of generated in the operation by the positive and negative .impeller are basically offset each other, so there is no need to install balance disc device. This design can avoid the occurrence of small gap, high pressure, scour abrasion, fan abrasion and faults.

2. High stability
The performance during the hydraulic treatment is better, the pump can maintain its height stability and high operation efficiency after long-term operation.

3. New technology
There are flow saving device and pressure relief device: Through spiral groove throttle gate, it can further reduces the leakage of the medium from the high-pressure side to the low- pressure side, so the pump's volume efficiency remains high.

4. High efficiency and energy saving
Because the pump rotor has no wear of the balance disc and axial pulsation, the centering of the impeller and guide vane is always in the optimum state. Unlike the multi-stage pump structure with the balance disc wear and the forward movement of the rotor part, the ZD centrifugal water pump will not experience a significant decrease in efficiency, and the volume loss will be reduced without the leakage of the balanced water. This improves the running efficiency of the pump on the whole, and the average efficiency is 2%~3% higher than the ordinary pump efficiency.

5. High reliability
The self -balanced axial load reduces the wear and system disturbance of pump to the minimum, and the peak stress decreases. Therefore, the rigidity and critical speed of the pump rotor are improved, so that the rotor of the pump is reliable and safe.

6. Gas corrosion property is good
The pump utilizes a precision casting process, selects the reliable wear-resisting material, and provides the pump with strong corrosion resistance.

7. Mechanical seal reliability
When starting the pump or during the pump operation, it will remain stable with very little vibration, which is a strong advantage when compared with the multi-stage pump.

8. Convenient maintenance and low maintenance rate
The pump seal may be changed without breaking the pump body and the inlet and outlet pipes. There is no balance plate and other vulnerable parts in the bearing and pump, which saves on inspection time.

9. Strong adaptability
The functional components of the pump can be interchanged, and the pump can be adapted to harsh environments after the components have been installed.

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