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XS Single Stage Water Pump

Flow: 22-16236m3/h
Head scope: 7-300m
Allowable work pressure: ≤5Mpa
Pump inlet diameter: 80mm-1000mm

PHlevel: clear water
Temperature: -20℃~200℃
Solid particles: ≤80mg/L

Product applications
The XS single stage water pump is a new generation of high efficiency and energy saving double suction axially split centrifugal pumps. It is a more efficient model of the S type horizontal double suction pump which was engineered by our highly skilled technical team.

Recommended for use in
Circulating water for air conditioning
Heating pipe network system
Building water supply
Drainage pumping station
Power plant
Industrial water supply system
Firefighting system
Shipbuilding Industry
Mine water supply and drainage

Type Flow (m3/h) Head (m) Speed (rpm) Motor Power Efficience (%) NPSHr (m) Weight (kg)
XS80-210 164.5 55 2900 37 82 4.5 310
XS200-420 712.8 52 1450 132 86 3.8 850
XS300-560 1692 470 1450 630 87 4.7 2350
XS350-630 2160 126 1450 1000 85 6.9 2893
XS500-800 2700 97 994 1250 90 6.8 5800
XS600-860 6660 102.6 994 2240 90 8.7 7755
XS900-1050 13680 55 590 2500 92 6.2 13036
Spectrum diagram
Structure diagram

Pump compositions
Pump body, pump cover, impeller, shaft, double suction sealing ring, shaft sleeve, bearing and so on.

Structural advantages
The supporting space on both sides of the water pump bearing is short, the pump can maintain stable operation with low vibration noise, and it can be appropriate to speed up the operation, so that the range of water pumps is wider.
The inlet and outlet are in the same line, the purpose is to arrange the wire and the pipeline more conveniently.
The same rotor can reverse operate, reducing the risk of pump damage caused by water hammer.
The rotor is easy to assemble and disassemble.

Product features
The efficiency of the pump is 2~3% higher than that of the similar pump, which greatly reduces the cost of the pump operation.
Required NPSH is reduced by 1~3 meters, which reduces the investment in civil engineering and prolongs the service life.
The pump is suitable for the occasion of 200 degree Celsius, and is especially suitable for the use requirement of the heating pipe network.

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