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S Double Suction Water Pump

Flow: 25-15000m3/h
Head scope: 8.6-200m
Power: 18.5-1600kw
Pump inlet diameter: 150mm-800mm

PHlevel: clear water
The temperature is generally 0℃~80℃

Product applications
The S double suction water pump is engineered and produced for conveying clear water and liquid with physical and chemical properties similar to water. The maximum liquid temperature should not exceed 80 degrees Celsius. The pump is suitable for water supply and drainage of mines, cities and power stations, farmland drainage irrigation and various water conservancy projects.

Type Flow Head Speed Motor Power Efficience NPSHr Weight

m3/h m rpm kw % m Kg
200S-95 234 93.5 2950 90 71 4.45 309
250S-65 486 65.1 1470 132 76.5 3.65 596
300S-90 792 90 1470 315 77.5 3.5 857
350S-125 1250 125 1470 710 74.5 7.6 1500
500S-98 2020 98 980 800 79.5 4 4330
600S-75 3170 75 980 900 88 6 4300
800S-76 5500 76 730 1600 88 6 7900
Structure diagram

Pump compositions
Pump body, pump cover, impeller, shaft, double suction sealing ring, shaft sleeve, bearing and so on.

Part Description Material Specification
Gland of Mechanical Seal Cast Iron
Sealing Ring Cast Iron
Pump Cover Cast Iron
Impeller Cast Iron
Shaft Sleeve Cast Iron
Stuffing Graphite
Gland of Stuffing Cast Iron
Shaft 45# Steel*
Mechanical Seal Hard Alloy
Pump Casing Cast Iron
Bearing Assembly Cast Iron
Coupling Cast Iron
Bolts Zinc Plated Steel

*Other shaft material options are available.

Drive form: Motor, diesel engine

Seal form: Packing seal, mechanical seal

Structural advantages
Shaft seal: choose BURGMANN mechanical seal or packing seal. It can guarantee 8000 hours running without leakage.
Bearings: SKF and NSK bearings are selected to ensure smooth operation and low noise.
Installation form: no need to be adjusted during assembly, and can be used according to field conditions. Vertical or horizontal installation.

Material selection
Except for the high quality carbon steel of the shaft, most of the materials are made of cast iron.

Product features
The pump shell is horizontally opened, which is convenient for inspection and maintenance
No axial force, so it can keep stable operation
Low noise and long service life
Compact structure, easy to install.
Stable operation: double suction impeller design reduces axial force to a minimum.
Corrosion resistance: the pump body is forged by precision casting industry, and has significant corrosion resistance and high efficiency.

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