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MG Heavy Duty Slurry Pump

Flow capacity up to 5400m3/h
Head scope up to 109m
Minimum inlet and outlet diameter: 6"x 4"
Maximum inlet and outlet diameter: 18"x 16"
Maximum distributed particle diameter: 254mm

Dredging and gravel pumps are used for the continuous delivery of highly abrasive slurries containing large particles. Commonly seen in:
Gravel and crushed stone
Hydraulic mining
Water treatment plant
Irrigation of sugar beet and other root vegetables
Chemistry/processing industry
Slag crushing granulation
Tunnel excavation

Type Outlet Dia. Bearing Frame Max Power Max. Particle Size No. of Vanes Impeller Dia.
inch Kw mm mm
6/4D-MG 4 D 60 82 3 378
8/6E-MG 6 E 120 127 3 378
8/6F-MGH 6 F 260 14 3 610
10/8S-MGH 8 F 260 178 3 533
10/8F-MG 8 F 260 178 3 533
12/10G-MG 10 G 600 220 3 667
12/10G-MGH 10 G 600 210 3 915
14/12G-MG 12 G 600 241 3 864
16/14G-MG 14 G 600 254 3 1016
16/14TU-MGH 14 TU 1200 230 3 1220
16/14H-MGH 14 H 1400 150 5
18/16G-MG 16 G 600 254 3 1067
18/16GG-MG 16 GG 900 150 3
18/16TU-MGH 16 TU 1200 254 5 1372
18/16U-MGH 16 U 2000 254 3
Type spectrum

Pump compositions
The pump head is composed of a pump casing, pump cover, pump shaft, impeller, shaft sealing device and so on.

Part Description Material Specification Material Options
Shaft 4140 Mild Steel Available on Request
Bearing Housing Cast Iron
Column Mild Steel
Upper Strainer Rubber Cast Iron
Lower Strainer Cast Iron
Back Liner 27% Chrome White Iron
Pump Casing 27% Chrome White Iron Rubber Lined White Iron
Impeller 27% Chrome White Iron Rubber
Discharge Pipe Mild Steel Rubber Lined Mild Steel/ Composite
Adaptor Plate Mild Steel
Bolts Zinc Plated Steel

Drive form: Motors, diesel engines, hydraulic drives, steam turbines, and gasoline engines.

Seal form: Packing, Mechanical Seal.

Product features
● MG Heavy Duty Slurry Pump uses a name brand tapered roller bearing which adopts heavy machinery dry oil lubrication.
● The material of the overflow piece is 27% high chromium material.
● The pump can enhance performance.
● The pump can improve efficiency.
● The pump can enhance wear resistance.
● The pump comply with ISO international standard.
● The pump adopts heavy duty machine design, the shaft is 4140 steel material.
● The material of the bearing seat is high strength cast iron.
● The special shape of the impeller blade and the shell is combined with the side sealing blade to prevent the abrasive solid from entering between the impeller and the pump body.
● The gravel pump is spacious and has good cavitation performance, high efficiency and corrosion resistance.
● The adjustment of the impeller is achieved by very strong castings. The bearing assembly adopts a cylindrical structure, which is convenient for adjusting the clearance between the impeller and the pump body, and can be integrally dismantled when the maintenance is carried out.
● The shaft sleeve is easy to disassemble. It is made of hardened steel or ceramic coated steel, both ends are equipped with O ring seal, which can protect the shaft from wear or corrosion.

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