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Centrifugal Pump in Thermal Power Plant

Energy production is a demanding industry as electricity use continues to increase over time. This means that power plants not only need to operate reliably but also need to handle increased loads over time. Our industrial pumps help in this efficiency process by providing optimal emission control and safety requirements, which need to be considered.

MIMO has significant experience in the design innovation of centrifugal pumps used in high performance industrial applications such as power generation. Our highly skilled engineering team are familiar with all types of industrial pumps and can provide high efficiency services.

We offer a wide range of pump systems for nuclear, fossil fuel, geothermal, combined cycle, and other types of power plants. They are specially designed for high pressure and high temperature use. Even under extreme operating conditions, our pumps are designed to maintain optimal performance. Our pumps help with a variety of power plant issues to increase normal operation, reduce atmospheric emissions, and improve overall efficiency.

We offer the following services to the electric power industry:
Boiler water feed service, circulating water service, condensate water service, flue gas desulfurization service and other auxiliary services.

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