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Heavy Duty Sewage Pump

Flow: 150-90000m3/h
Head scope: 20m below
Efficiency as high as 89%
Maximum distributed particle size: 4"
Driven Type: Motor
Transported medium characteristics: The sweage pump can transport water and mild sewage at a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, and pH value of 4~10. Maximum particle size should not exceed 100mm.

Product applications
ZQ, HQ type blade half mode submersible axial flow pump (mixed flow pump): The motor on the driving water pump is an enclosed three-phase asynchronous motor. This series of submersible pumps can run continuously for long periods of time, making them applicable to a number of areas, including:
Urban water supply
Water diversion project
Urban sewage discharge system
Wastewater treatment project
Power station drainage
Dock drainage
Water diversion of water network junction
Drainage irrigation

Type Flow (m3/h) Head (m) Speed (rpm) Motor Power (kw) Efficience (%) Impeller Dia. (mm)
350HQ-40 1440 16.45 1450 90 87.7 300
500HQ-40 3285 16.91 980 200 87.7 450
500HQ-50 3145 11.61 980 132 85.2 450
700HQ-60C 8054 13.39 735 400 86.9 635
80ZQ-85 6216 4.77 590 132 86.3 700
90ZQ-85 7800 5.55 590 185 86.5 750
1000ZQ-60 14252 11.41 490 560 88.3 900
Spectrum diagram
Structure diagram

Pump compositions
The pump consists of two separate parts: the pump and motor. Both the pump and motor are coaxial, so their structure is compact. The shaft extension is short as possible. The design is intended to strengthen the rigidity, which enhances the reliability of the product. There is light vibration present during the operation. The sealing and bearing have a long service life. Two or three sets of independent mechanical seals isolate the motor and pump. Additionally, up and down series of installation provides multiple protection and improves reliability. Our submersible pump features a variety of sensors to implement leakage tips, such as overtemperature prompts and water protection functions. It can achieve detection and control through the control cabinet, so the pump can be effectively monitored in real time.

Product features
The pump station investment amount is small, and the operations management is simple:
1. Because of diving into the water, it greatly simplifies the geotechnical and structural engineering of the pumping station, reducing the installation area and saving 30~40% of the project cost.
2. Because it is composed of a motor and a water pump, it is unnecessary to install the working section of the motor drive mechanism and the pump axis at the installation site. The installation is convenient and fast in the field.
3. The pump is small in size, so the management is convenient, the management and operation cost are very little.
4. It is easy to operate; remote control and automatic control can be realized.
5. No vibration, low noise
6. There is no high temperature in the pumping station, and all underground pumping stations can be built according to the requirements so as to maintain the environment of the ground.
7. Adopting this submersible power station is the most thorough way to solve the problem of flood control in the construction of pumping stations along the river and lake areas with large fluctuation of water level.

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