Twin Screw Pump

Flow: 1-2000m3/h
Maximum working pressure: 4.0Mpa
Temperature: -20~300℃
Medium viscosity: 1-3000mm2/s, rotation speed up to 106mm3/s

Medium viscosity/cst Rotation speed/rpm
< 400 1500
400~1200 1000
1200~3600 750

For higher viscosity medium, please contact us to choose the rotation speed and drive motor power.

Product applications
Utilizing a mesh placed between the main screw and driven screw in the pump body, as well as the cooperation between the screw and the bushing hole, the TW twin screw pump forms a number of sealed cavities in the pump body. When the screw rotates, the sealing cavities move forward in a continuous manner, and the liquid in these cavities will be pushed out of the outlet in order to achieve liquid conveyance. These twin screw pumps are widely used in the following:

1. Oilfield: as oil, gas, water, micro fine particles and other mixed transportation and crude oil transportation
2. Shipbuilding: used as marine loading pump, stripping pump, main engine lubricating pump, fuel oil pump.
3. Petrochemical industry: used for all kinds of resin, pigment, paraffin, paint, ink, latex, all kinds of oil, crude oil, heavy oil, such as loading and transportation of chemical pumps
4. Thermal power plant: heavy oil, crude oil transfer pump
5. Food industry: used as alcohol, honey, syrup, fruit juice, animal and vegetable oil, milk, slurry oil industrial food pump

Type Pressure Viscosity mm2/s Speed
300 750 1500 2000
Capacity Shaft Power Capacity Shaft Power Capacity Shaft Power Capacity Shaft Power

Mpa m3/h rpm m3/h kw m3/h kw m3/h kw rpm
TW 2.1-11 0.2 1.9 1.5 2 2 2 2 2 2.7 950
TW 3.1/3.2-30 0.8 6.4 4 6.7 4.8 7 5.8 7 6 950
TW 6.4/6.5-67 1.8 51.9 38.4 54.2 41.2 55.6 44.7 56.1 45.4 950
TW 7T.2/7T.3-33 3 58.7 85.3 63.1 93.3 65.6 103 66.5 105.1 950
TW 6.4/6.5-25 1.8 17.5 17.1 18.9 19.1 19.7 21.5 20 22.1 950
TW 8.4/8.5-50 4 151.6 263.9 165.5 277.1 173.5 292.9 176.3 296.5 950
TW 10.1TW150 1.2 1229 1172.5 1245 1357.2 1253 1473.9 1256 1517 950
Spectrum diagram

Pump compositions
The pump is designed with a double suction structure, the screw in both ends of the pump body has the same pressure environment, and the axial force can be automatically balanced. Both ends of bearings are externally mounted, which are lubricated by lubricating oil alone, so they are not affected by the conveyed medium. The two screws are driven by a pair of synchronous gears. In the screw gear drive, the screw tooth surface does not contact, because there is a small gap. The impurities in the medium cannot produce direct wear on the screw tooth surface.

Product features
1. The screw pump transports liquid without pulsation and stirring, so it features greater stability and less noise.
2.The self-priming performance of the pump makes the gas content not higher than 80% when mixed medium is conveyed.
3. The pump body adopts an external bearing structure, it can add lubricating oil and transport a variety of non-lubricating medium.
4. The pump uses a synchronous gear drive, even a short time idling will not hurt the machine.
5. The pump body features a heating sleeve, it can transport a variety of clean or low viscosity or high viscosity medium containing small particles of solids (particle diameter is less than 0.12-0.2mm).
6. The pump body components are composed of high quality materials. This pump can transport a high volume of corrosive medium.

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