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QJ Submersible Deep Well Pump

Flow: 4-800m3/h
Head scope: 10-900m
Temperature: less than 50 degree Celsius

Features of the conveyed medium
The solid particle weight concentration is less than 0.01%, the pH value is 6.5~8.5, the temperature does not exceed 20 degree Celsius. It is required to have a straight well and smooth well wall and the well pipe shall not be staggered. The water inlet of the water pump must be below 1m of moving water level, diving depth is less than the static water level 70m below, the lower end of the motor have to far from the well bottom at least 1m.

Product applications
The QJ Submersible Deep Well Pump is a complete set of machines for extracting groundwater from deep wells for various water supply applications.

Applied in:
Farmland irrigation
Factory water supply and drainage
Human and livestock water use in plateau mountainous area
Urban water supply

Type Flow (m3/h) Head (m) Speed (rpm) Motor Power (kw) Outlet Dia. (mm) Well Dia. (mm) Weight (kg)
100QJ1.5-85 1.5 85 2900 0.75 40 100
150QJ10-130 10 130
14 50 150 152
200QJ50-510 50 510
125 100 200 760
250QJ80-120 80 120
45 100 250 289
300QJ180-260 180 260
200 150 300 1062
350QJ350-160 350 160
300 200 350 1207
400QJ500-165 500 165
410 200 400 1501
Spectrum diagram
Structure diagram

Pump compositions
The submersible deep weel pump is composed of multistage centrifugal impellers in series, and the pump level is connected by bolts. There is bearing support between each segment, and the top of the pump is equipped with a check valve. The upper part of the motor is equipped with a sand control mechanism to prevent the sediment from entering the motor cavity.

Product features
1. Motor and pump is integrated into the water to operate, which is safe and reliable.
2. There is no special requirement for the well pipe, so long as the pipe can bear the corresponding pressure.
3. The deep well pump has the advantages of convenient installation, easy maintenance, and no need to build a pump house.

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